Saturday, May 17, 2014

All Little Kink Goes a Long Way!

From the first smoldering kiss, this hot, sexy office romance is in jeopardy...

For two years, Cassidy has lusted after office super-hunk, Chase. But Cassidy is
neither interested in casual flings nor in setting the water-cooler rumor mill on fire.
Flirting with Cassidy is one of Chase’s favorite pastimes, but there’s much more
between them than sizzling chemistry.

Lust, love and a prestigious promotion hang in the balance... With stakes this
high, can they really afford to mix business with pleasure?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ill prepared for an impromptu trip to Paris, Lily’s missing the glory of the City of Lights because her nose is stuck in travel and translation books. Until she runs, literally, into a gorgeous restaurateur named Michael…and meets his sexy business partner, Louie.

Both men are interested in showing her the sights—and a thing or two between the sheets. Her trip turns into an erotically stirring, albeit brief, affair with two sensual and attentive men. But only one will steal her heart.


Champagne & Cravings

Intrigue, champagne and lust—what a combination!

Lacey is a corporate fraud and abuse investigator. Her latest assignment is to discover the saboteur of an ultra-sexy cosmetics campaign. Suddenly she has a multitude of suspects, a lesbian supermodel who wants to get it on with her and a company full of bigwigs none too pleased with the direction of her investigation.

Then there’s Mike, the gorgeous neighbor she finds naked in her shower. She’s been burned by his bad-boy kind before, but he’s wanted Lacey for three years and it seems he’s ready to make his move. While the scandal at work has her juices flowing, it’s the hunky Mike who’s slowly seducing her into shedding her inhibitions. From their first searing kiss, she’s hooked.

Carnal cravings abound, but can Lacey overcome her trust issues


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Postponed Release...


I'm so sorry to say it, but we've had a delay in publishing... Please check back for a new release date!
Menage a Paris
It wasn’t on my bucket list. Well, the trip to Paris was, but not the ménage a trois. I mean, good girls like me, Lily Manning, don’t exactly attract that sort of attention or inspire those kinds of fantasies. Or do we?

 Ill-prepared for an impromptu trip to Paris, I realize I’m missing the glory of the City of Lights because my nose is stuck in travel and translation books. Until I run, literally, into a gorgeous French-Italian restaurateur named Michael Morelli.

Michael is the tall, dark and dreamy stuff of which erotic fantasies are made. But he’s not the only one who wants to open my eyes to the beautiful sights of Paris and the decadent pleasures it offers. His business partner, Louie Perrier, is interested in showing me a thing or two as well—mostly between the sheets.

My trip turns into an erotically stirring, albeit brief, affair with two sensual and attentive men, who allow me to indulge my needs after years of taking care of others. But despite the incredible self-discovery I’m experiencing, my hourglass is running out, and my time in Paris leaves me with a decision I’d never thought I’d had to make. Should I stay, or should I go?


Monday, October 8, 2012

Reviewer's Choice Winner is Back--Expanded Version!

Lured was published years ago under a different title, and won Best Erotic Novella from a reviewer. I have since expanded the story, but it still has ghoulish activities for the Halloween season--and a sizzling romance between the human, Cass, and the vampire, Marcus! It's on sale October 10 at Ellora's Cave!
Lured by Ava McKnight

When Cass’ cyber lover invites her to the hedonistic Hunter’s Moon Ball, she’s thrilled to shed her inhibitions behind the guise of a risqué costume. Yet Cass quickly forgets the man she’s there to meet when she spies the devilishly handsome Marcus, a dark and sinfully sexy vampire who wants to devour her in the most delicious ways.

She loses him in the crowd, and finds herself unwittingly lured into a ritual sacrifice orchestrated by demons. She must fight for her life against beings she never knew existed—until Marcus saves her. Their attraction is undeniable and the passion between them is scorching. Now Cass must decide if she can make the ultimate sacrifice for the only man who has ever satisfied her.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is One Sizzling Reunion!! 5 Heart Review!!

5 Hearts from Riverina Romantics!
"Wanted Distraction is the third book in the Playing With the Boys series by Ava McKnight. It had my attention from the very first page. I was so impressed how a novella was filled with so much background and emotion. I never felt rushed or like I was missing a big part of the story. ...

The sparks fly and Cherish proposes a one night, no strings attached sexcapade. Then Carter can concentrate on what he needs to do and Cherish can move on. If only life and the heart were that reasonable.

This is a great story. I really, really enjoyed Carter and Cherish. I could not put it down once I started reading it."

Part of the Playing With the Boys series.
Cherish switches work assignments so she can interview hunky Carter, the hometown hero who’s returned to lead his new football team to victory. They’d shared the last dance at prom ten years ago, and she’s fantasized about him ever since. But he’s always been out of reach. Until now…
Carter is solely focused on his career, and isn’t looking for any distractions. When Cherish hijacks the interview, he’s blown away by how sensational the object of his secret desire looks—and by her risqué proposition for a no-strings-attached, one-night stand. It’s just about sating lust, right?
Passion easily sparks between them, but there are many hurdles to jump before their needs become wanted distractions.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Release!

Ah, summertime. Barbecues, bathing suits and baseball. Who doesn't love a quick romp with the boys of summer? ;-)

BEYOND THIRD BASE by Ava McKnight (aka Calista Fox) is on sale now at Ellora's Cave!

Sara has finally found stability in her life. After a childhood of flitting around with her jet-setting parents, she’s settled in Tucson, where she has a great job, wonderful friends and a house she loves. But her romantic life is a bit more complex. Sara’s in love with a professional ballplayer she rarely sees, unless he’s in town for a rehab stint.

There are two things starting pitcher Jesse loves—baseball and making love to Sara. When he’s in town, they singe the sheets. This time around, though, Jesse is wearing his heart on his sleeve, and Sara’s not so sure she can survive the emotional roller coaster that comes with loving one of the boys of summer.

Short, hot and sexy!